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Update on my sister, Julie Rich

As I noted previously on this blog, my youngest sister Julie Rich passed away very suddenly in August 2010. On January 6, 2011, five months to the day after her death, we published the first of three books by Julie, Animal’s Best Friend – A Tribute. She was a world renowned pet communicator and I […]

A sad note about my sister, Julie Rich

I am sad to report that my beloved youngest sister, Julie Rich, passed away unexpectedly on August 6, 2010. She had gone into the hospital for some tests and I flew to Florida to be with her the day she was admitted. We had four full days together to talk and be together until after […]

Welcome to the new!

After 5 years, it was more than time to upgrade my author’s web site. Five years is a lifetime in Internet years, and the days of a simple informational one-page site are over. We’re starting the new year and decade with a complete overhaul. I hope you enjoy the new site and features. Sharon