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Virtual book signings this week for the holidays!

Hello, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here…glad to be back! Normally I would be in LA now for a MacDonald/Eddy book-signing holiday luncheon. Had to cancel (healing up an injured back) but want to carry on the tradition for those wanting signed copies of Sweethearts or my other books either for yourself or for holiday gifts.

I will be happy to sign any books that are ordered by December 14 only through the website. The included titles are shown here (minus the Interactive Biography). Or check out The Essentials package of 5 books. If you want the book(s) personally autographed to yourself or someone else please write all details in the “order notes”.

Also, I appreciate hearing from you and enjoy your emails. For any author, the positive feedback means so much on a personal level. And I will try to keep this website updated more frequently now.

Have a great week!