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A sad note about my sister, Julie Rich

I am sad to report that my beloved youngest sister, Julie Rich, passed away unexpectedly on August 6, 2010. She had gone into the hospital for some tests and I flew to Florida to be with her the day she was admitted. We had four full days together to talk and be together until after a battery of tests, she suddenly died of a pulmonary embolism with her loved ones gathered around her.

Some of you will remember Julie from the early years of my Jeanette and Nelson research. This is when we still all lived in Los Angeles. She used to help me out and attended some of the Mac/Eddy meetings. She also went tramp-tramp-tramping with me one night in a Ventura, CA graveyard as we were checking headstones based on a tip I had received earlier that day at a book signing. Yes, we were driving back from Ventura and just had to stop and investigate.

Julie became famous as a pet communicator and was known world-wide as  “Aunt Julie.” I have posted more info about her passing on her Facebook page and there are many tributes there to her achievements.

She was also an excellent graphic designer and she designed the striking book covers for the Jeanette MacDonald Autobiography and The Rosary as well as the “Mac/Eddy Today” compilation volumes.

Please understand that I will be canceling all public appearances for the near future.  Thank you for your good wishes.