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Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy new magazine release!

Hello! I wanted to share with you that the long-awaited new issue of the “Mac/Eddy Today” magazine has just been released! Journal #78 features an interview issue, with transcripts of the following:

1) an annotated, little-known 1959 interview with Jeanette MacDonald, in which she speaks candidly on some different topics than other interviews, discussing friendships ranging from Jean Harlow to director Woody Van Dyke. She also has stories to share about director Ernst Lubitsch (who once proposed marriage to her!), Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, Louella Parsons, opera vs concerts, youth and maturity, and her Broadway career.

2) the only known excerpt from Nelson Eddy’s interview with Tony Thomas, in which he discusses the phases of his career.

3) the very important Blythe Kearney interview which includes a transcript of her edited video clip (on YouTube) but also additional content from the 3-hour full interview. Why is this interview so vital? Because Blythe is someone who personally knew Jeanette for years and had a frank conversation with her about her relationship with Nelson and how Gene Raymond dealt with it. Blythe’s grandmother, Mary Blythe (of the Barrymore family; John Barrymore was her cousin) was a lifelong friend and confidante with Jeanette from their high school years onward. Blythe spent time with Jeanette as a child, when Jeanette came to visit and stay with her grandmother. On some trips young Blythe, who often stayed with her grandparents, shared a bedroom with Jeanette. Over the years, Jeanette related to Blythe many anecdotes about her career and life.  Also as a child, Blythe spent a day with both Jeanette and Nelson, when they showed up together on a very private vacation. They stayed at the Princess Martha Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida. And took Blythe with them on an outing one day to nearby Sunken Gardens, where Blythe had the opportunity to observe them as a loving couple, when they weren’t hiding the intimacy of their relationship. Blythe’s commentary on why Jeanette remained married to Gene Raymond, and the difference between her “loving” someone vs “being in love” with Nelson, is quite insightful.

4) Terry Kilburn, the child star who played “Brother” in the movie Sweethearts.

This beautiful glossy magazine contains additional information, documentation and many photos.

You can order Issue #78 here.