Join me in Los Angeles June 28, 2015!

If you’re a fan of my books or a Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy fan, join me at a special luncheon/book signing on Sunday, June 28, at the Sportsmans Lodge Hotel at 12 noon.  We will have additional surprise guests and it will be a very emotional meeting. I recommend you not miss it. Tickets available at the link.

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A “Sweethearts” reader review…

Brenda forwarded this to me after she recommended that a friend read Sweethearts:

Finished the book.  Felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster.  What a tragic love story and yet at the same time quite beautiful.  I know how you felt about reading it at night. You just couldn’t seem to get it out of your head.  The thing that got me the most was Mayer making Nelson sing at Jeanette’s wedding.  What a louse.  At any rate, I’ve been enjoying their magnificent voices on YouTube. I’m driving Carl nuts.”

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New “Sweethearts” edition on Amazon’s best seller list!

Nice birthday present for me! Both the softcover and the kindle version of “Sweethearts” is bouncing around amazon’s best seller list today, at various positions but #14 earlier today on one list! I love seeing Jeanette and Nelson being popular again!

The kindle edition – and softcover – can both be ordered at this link.



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June 29, 2014 – Los Angeles luncheon/book signing/Jeanette & Nelson afternoon

Join author Sharon Rich on Nelson Eddy’s birthday, June 29, 2014, for a special afternoon including a new “Master Class” presentation, a Q&A period and the latest information updates!

Tickets and details are at the link.

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May 3rd: Sweethearts 2014 launch party on Long Island! Meet author Sharon Rich

Maytime 2014 is a time to celebrate! Join us at the launch party for the new edition of Sweethearts!

Saturday, May 3, Time: 1-4 pm
Location: Riverhead Library
330 Court Street
Riverhead, NY 11901
(631)727-3228 ext.100

Admission: free. Light refreshments served.

The afternoon will include the book signing, a talk and film clips shown. Come celebrate with us!

You can click on the photo above to access or download a high-def copy of the flyer to print out.

To order books, here is the link.

I look forward to celebrating the book with some of you in person!


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Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy mini marathon on TCM May 1st

For those of you who need to refresh your memories of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, you may want to check out TCM’s mini-marathon on May 1st.  They will be showing Sweethearts and Maytime, two of the films that have a lot of action going on behind the scenes that isn’t in the scripts!

For example, in Maytime see a very clear photo above of Nelson’s tears during the “Czaritza” scene. And again, he blinks back tears during the “Will You Remember” scene. Jeanette wept too but they cut from her so as not to show too much. Only Nelson’s tears are really visible.

As for Sweethearts, well, it’s just a Nelson Eddy love-fest for the co-star he obviously adores. His hands wander in the “Pretty as a Picture” number, he just beams at her, blows on her neck and if you watch carefully when the camera pulls away from them and features the dancing girls, Jeanette leans over and plants a quick kiss on him. This is the first film I ever saw, I watched it with Jeanette’s sister Blossom and when it was over,  I understood why there was both excitement and heartache over the realization that yes, these two were in love with each other. And Blossom confirmed it.

Watch these films carefully and it will enhance your reading of my new updated edition of Sweethearts.

Here are the screening times (Eastern time) for May 1st:

6:00 AM – The Cat And The Fiddle (with the Technicolor final scene!)
7:30 AM – The Firefly (1937)
10:00 AM – Sweethearts (1938)
12:00 PM – Maytime (1937)


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“Sweethearts” updated 20th anniversary coming soon!

News alert! The revised and updated edition of Sweethearts will be published on May 1st – Maytime, appropriately!

More information is available here.

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Join me in LA on Sunday, December 8!

The  Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy annual holiday luncheon will on Sunday, December 8 at 12 noon at the Sportsmans Lodge Restaurant, at the corner of Ventura Blvd and Coldwater Canyon in Studio City. (Coldwater Canyon exit on the 101 Freeway.)  $45/person admission includes luncheon and program and is payable at the door. Meeting runs from 12-4 pm.

I will give a talk, answer questions and sign books. We will also have another “Master Class” live presentation, with more fascinating data and documentation (from one who was there)  backing up the ever-intriguing MacDonald-Eddy story.   At the last luncheon, the actual charm bracelet given by Nelson Eddy to Jeanette MacDonald was displayed for all to see  - with all the personal charms on it that I wrote about in my book. There are candid pictures of Jeanette wearing it and also a few glimpses of it in the movie “Sweethearts.”  (After Jeanette’s death, the bracelet went to her sister Elsie.) The topic of this weekend’s special presentation is a surprise even for me, but don’t miss it if you’re a fan. We are so blessed to have some of these sources still here with us to share their information. These luncheons provide precious and valuable memories for those who care about the the story. Don’t miss it!

The hotel address is:
Sportsmans Lodge Hotel
12825 Ventura Blvd, Studio City
toll free: 800-821-8511
local: 818-769-4700

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Do you have a Jeanette MacDonald or Nelson Eddy story to share? Now’s the time!

Calling all sources!! I’m in the final weeks of making updates to my Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy biography, Sweethearts, for the new 20th anniversary edition.

If you have some information you’d like to share, either on the record or anonymously, now’s the time to come forward.

I’m adding some new information, more photos and making a few corrections or updates here and there.

Please contact me ASAP if this applies to you. I know there are still many of you out there, some belong to other fan clubs or groups, or have other connections.

Thank you.

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A “Sweethearts” Reader Review

Sharon –
I am re-reading the 2001 version of Sweethearts and am, again, amazed and captivated by your superb use of language!  Somehow you draw me into the story until I become a participant and  find myself living rather than just reading it!
The principals are described in terms that make them come alive! and, thus, your readers can become truly involved with them.
You are an exceptionally gifted writer.  Thank you for all the effort that must have gone into the writing of this book …
Why this e-mail?  I just had to compliment you!
Vivian (Canada)
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