Sweethearts Reviews:

Sweethearts is one of the finest books about Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Hollywood during the Golden Era. It is a bittersweet love story of a famous couple whose musical duets on the silver screen thrilled a generation of moviegoers. They were a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With the knowledge, thanks to Miss Rich, that the actors were in love off the screen, gives their films a heartbeat. Included are love letters, notes from diaries, and observations of those who kept their secret. You will enjoy every word of Sweethearts and you will find a new meaning when viewing their musicals. Then you’ll read it a second time.”-Jane Ellen Wayne, Author, The Golden Guys of MGM

“Offers considerable proof they may have been secret lovers for years.” -Robert Osborne, Turner Classic Movies

“That rarity among star bios, an absorbingly written, exhaustively researched, and fully sourced work.” – Preview, American Film Institute program guide

“The star-crossed love affair of the century. Sharon Rich…paints a story of love so passionate, volatile and ultimately futile, even Shakespeare’s frustrated lovers pale by comparison. At least Romeo and Juliet solved matters in less than a week….The account is anything but sugar-coated. Ms. Rich’s book certainly contains much to raise the eyebrows. She names names and pulls no punches. Still, this is not a sensational expose; one comes away feeling sorry for the protagonists, and wishing that their story could have had a happier resolution. Further, Ms. Rich appears to have scrupulously documented each element of her narrative. Nelson’s own letters, and the frequent comments of Jeanette’s older sister, Blossom Rock, give credibility to an amazing story.” – Rob Ray, Past Times

“One of Hollywood’s least well-kept secrets. Rich examines that relationship and the intertwined personal and professional lives of the great screen duo exhaustively and, as she does, also brings to life an incredible supporting cast of stars, moguls and flacks from Hollywood’s golden years…. Rich affords a long, exciting, revealing look at two of the most important screen personalities of the 1930s. Vital reading to anyone interested in film history, Hollywood, or popular culture.” – Mike Tribby, Booklist

“This dual biography of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy is a surprisingly interesting look at two people so wrapped up in make-believe that they began taking it seriously….Ms. Rich…reveals they had an off-screen romance that was even more torrid and intense than the ones the public paid millions to see.” – Harry Bowman, The Dallas Morning News

“This book rings true. It is full of flowery language (from the principals’ letters), illegitimate pregnancies, fainting spells, suicide attempts, mental breakdowns, and true romance. Fans will love it.” – John Smothers, Library Journal

“This biography of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy reveals lives as melodramatic and star-crossed as one of their movies without the happy ending….A bonanza for MacDonald/Eddy fans, a pan full of nuggets for aficionados of Hollywood and MGM.” – Kirkus Reviews

“People who like a good love story, especially a real-life one, will take Sweethearts to heart.” – Travis Wolfe, Chattanooga Times

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