A reader review…

A recent email I received:

Hi Sharon
Wow… I just finished your book, finally, word for word.  I loved it.
Read it at my Mom’s breakfast table every morning while visiting her the last 3 weeks in Nashville.
The story is not only about their romance, but about your 40 years of research.
Not many people could have done all that you did.  I don’t know how you pulled it all together, there is so much data you gathered.
I appreciate the Afterward which explained the story from your standpoint.  Your husband is very special and patient to put up with all the commitment, threats, and expense you had to endure for this project.
Thank you for all this work.  I do hope for a few things:
–  a new revised version, or followup book now that the romance is more accepted and more sources have surfaced.
–  a book about your life the last 40 years
–  that I get to meet you someday!  …
Thanks for all that you do.
Ed Newkirk